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Young Man

Isshaq Ismail

Isshaq Ismail (Ghanaian, b. 1989) harmonizes a variety of media and techniques in what he calls his “abstract grotesque figure” paintings. His work seeks to refine and recycle “waste” and cleverly reuses collected fragments from his studio. Predominantly, he works with acrylic, oils and mixed media.

Girl with Pink Shirt

Hilton Korley

Hilton Korley (Ghanaian, b. 1975) is a self-taught artist who learned from his painter father “Martey.” Working primarily in oils and acrylics, Hilton’s impressionist paintings evoke traditional scenes of African pastoral life in bold colors.

Man with Curls

Joseph Pannie Nana

"Nana" (Ghanaian, b. 1984) graduated from Ghanata Arts College in Accra. Nana deploys a variety of styles but his main focus is on "figurative abstraction." He embeds traditional Adinkra symbols in his paintings to highlight his African heritage.

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